Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tyler Mara and Baby Ashton

A fairytale story --
As long as I can remember my older brother Tyler has loved all things Disney.  It's by no means surprising that he has had his own fairytale ending...
When Tyler went off to college half way across the U.S. he didn't know anyone, but soon enough he met Mara and they found that they were interested in all the same things.  Tyler and Mara would spend their free time going to movies and plays together and discussing them all in detail afterward.  They had fun just talking and laughing together.  Both of them are shy and they never got past the friendship best friend stage during that time, even though Mara would have liked for them to...
After their Freshman year had come to an end they parted ways.  Tyler went to serve an LDS mission in Taiwan for 2 years and Mara became a resident assistant (RA) in the dorms as she continued her education, this is where I come into the story.  After graduating from High School I went to school early for summer term.  After that term was over I wasn't able to go home for the break, remember we lived half way across the country, so I moved into my new dorm early.  The only other people there were RA's for the most part so I was invited to hang out with them one night before school started.  I started talking to a girl (Mara) when she asked me my name.  She started freaking out when I told her and said "Not Tyler's Sister Alycia?!"  I of course told her I was and we became great friends as well.  Whenever we hung out it felt like My brother was there with me... almost.  Their personalities were so similar.  Mara was just like the big sister I never had.  She looked out for me and even cared for me when I was sick (seriously, she brought me food from the cafeteria when my fever was too high for me to get out of bed).  We would tease her that she was going to marry my brother someday, and make her blush like crazy every time.
After only a semester Mara decided to serve an LDS mission as well.  She was called to the Dominican Republic.  Tyler and Mara continued to write eachother throughout their missions.  Tyler returned home before Mara did, but they kept writing.  I actually got to see Mara when she got back from her mission before Tyler did because Gabe and I just happened to be vacationing right next to her hometown so we decided to make a stop.  After returning back to school Tyler (and Mara) soon realized that they should be more than friends, started dating, and were married the next April.  There's nothing better than marrying your best friend.  Now they've both graduated from school and have this adorable little guy... and they lived happily ever after. :)


Heidi August 16, 2009 at 8:57 AM  

Oh, Alycia! I love your new blog! What a perfect name and awesome header. You are such a great photographer--your family is so lucky to have you! (And what a cute family they are!)

Alycia September 4, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

This is silly, but I just realized I was getting comments on this blog. For some reason they don't get emailed to me. Thanks Heidi, that means a lot to me. Thanks for always being so encouraging! :)

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